Batting technique – Cover Drive, Off Drive, On Drive

Cover Drive:

bowling a ball thrown by the pitch down, then looking at his direction on both sides of Kelptty ‘Drive’ is the game’s cut. Coming in off and on in two ways ie the front foot and back foot drives can kill. The drive kicked off side cover drive, extra cover drive, Square Drive is known on the cut side towards the mid wicket region killed ‘drive through mid-wicket is called. Bowlers who have died on both sides of the closely cut ‘straight drive’ call. On the off and middle stump was simply off the ball and the ball on middle and leg stump drive is on, the few exceptions is a day (give one) or a cricket bowler Committee since they were introduced ‘ Inside Out ‘The ball came up inside line on the leg side of the ball is hit towards.

Cover Drive1


Off Drive:

play on the front or back foot cut off the bat to bat time, “flower face ‘is the play. The front foot and the back foot thus the entire weight of the body is to place on the same foot or the good length ball half volley well sprung, then it is easy and efficient to drive on the front foot to drive the ball when he hit a low C Tppewali then go back, and the back leg stump covered in the off drive off the bat when hitting batting Gendpr “Top Hand” plays a key role.

off drive shot

On Drive:

The drive towards third man from bat to bat while playing ball comes towards the front foot to drive the ball when playing on the half-volley on middle and leg stumps should be. Shoulder and elbow in batting further towards the direction in which the ball is hit. Should be in the same direction. The full weight of the body on the front foot should be placed. The batting behind on the back foot while driving should be covered by the stamp properly. The shoulder and elbow should be towards the direction of the ball. The full weight on the foot should be placed behind the body. On the drives ‘bottom hand’ or batting hand down the key plays. Drive, hook and cut apart by mid wicket batsmen Square and Fainleg front foot and back foot Pilks to play ball and play Glans are cut as simply coming up from the groin or around the camping pads ball forward or backward Go gently with the bat while playing to give direction ‘flick is called. It is important the role of both wrists. Here the ‘timing’ is equally importance.

On Drive