Batting technique – Square Cut, front foot drive, back foot drive


it is an invasive technique. When the bowler ball game Smaller Tppewali (short pitched ball) makes the mistake of putting outside off-stump, the bat a ball of Kelptty normally ‘Square’, ie kills in ninety degree angle. Square cut have to pay attention to it when he hit. The ball up in the air and catches should not praying. To avoid this, on top of the ball with the bat striking force would clamp down towards the ground. Square cut the front foot and back foot gets hit both ways.




Front foot square cut :

cut when he hit it (right hand Kelnewala) batter or his left front leg keeps. Then covered his left shoulder and elbow in the direction of the bat is a bat from his back (from square leg) is transversal. Now he’s out of the stamp Apechha waist or little – little bit more grown up Ucli Tppewali bat on the ball strikes with the full weight of his body on the left leg. His last (right) leg is at the crease. And leg and has to point towards the Square. The jab is used commonly Square towards point.

Front foot square cut


Square cut back foot :

it cut off the bat when he hit or placed behind your right leg is behind, towards the off stump. Square bat to bat when he hit the cut is transversal to the direction of the leg. Waist or slightly outside the off-stump – upwards Ucli he batted ball strikes. The full weight of the body of the bat on the right or on foot is placed behind. The left leg is batting crease. It commonly strikes Square in point 3 Man is killed, that is played next to the back side of the stump.

Square cut back foot

This cut is low in height authoritatively batsman Gundappa Vishwanath, who right at the cut, Sunil Gavaskar, Sachin Tendulkar, three Indian players is to work in height.