2017-18 Burger King Super Smash Live Streaming & Telecast on Television

Burger King Super Smash is recently started domestic twenty 20 cricket league in New Zeland. This league was founded in the year 2005-06. The 2nd edition of this league is on the way. The schedule and some important date for the upcoming 2nd seasons have been announced. AS per the schedule announced the league is set to kick off on 13th December 2017. The final battle for the title ship of Burger King Super Smash is to take place on 7th January 2017. Let’s move to check out some important information regarding Burger King Burger King Super Smash Live Streaming. How can viewers of all countries catch live matches?

Super Smash Live Streaming – Score, TV Channels

In this league total 32 matches is to take place at different venues of New Zeland. Sky Sports of New Zeland, they have the official authority to broadcast matches live on TV. But as per the media news, it is revealed that they will broadcast only 15 matches of this league. All 15 matches are an include elimination round and final match.

In the United Kingdom, live matches of this league will be available on TV. Crickets fans can catch matches live on Sky Sports 1 and 2.

Super Smash Live Streaming

Viewers from all over the world they can catch matches live through PC Phone and tablet. They can catch matches live through the internet on skysports.com 

Viewers can also catch the live score of this match on supersmash.co.nz

This Twenty 20 cricket tournament is not popular as IPL, Big Bash League, and CPL. But in past few seasons, this league succeed to get popularity in all over the world. Super Smash Live Streaming will provide live telecast of every match.

In this total 6 teams is going to compete in this tournament to lift up the title of the Burger King Super Smash. In previous seasons the final battle for the championship was between Wellington Firebirds and Central Stags, In the final match, Wellington Firebirds defeated Central Stags by 14 runs.

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