CSA braces for massive loss from inaugural T20 Global League

The Cricket South Africa has organized a new domestic twenty 20 tournaments named the T20 Global League. But after the inaugural of the T20 Global League, The Cricket South Africa suffering from a net loss of US $25 million (approx R342.58 million). The amount they found loss, it is approximately the half cash reserve of the Cricket South Africa. This all thing happened due to their wrong prediction as well due to increasing the cost

In the Initial, the bank balance of Cricket South Africa was $47.8 million (approx R655.44 million). After that, they spend lots of money on stadium upgrades and the cost of the inauguration was too costly. They spend $25.5 million for the first edition of the Global Twenty 20 tournament. The cost of the edition of the tournament shows that it is more costly than their anticipation. The first edition of the tournament pinched the pocket of Cricket South Africa as a net loss of  US $25 million (approx R342.58 million).

As per the Cricket South Africa point of view according to that, any new tournament takes the minimum of 2 to 3 edition to get popular and earn the profit like many popular leagues like IPL and the Big Bash League. The most popular domestic twenty 20,  Big Bash League suffered the same loss in two seasons.After that, they started to earn the profit thus it is the most popular domestic twenty 20 league around the world.

The inaugural of the Global twenty 20 league could not accumulate sufficiently income around the world. The  CEO Thabang Moroe of the Cricket South Africa expressed his point of view. He said,” The numbers have changed, not as drastically as has been reported. Initially, we were willing to get total revenue of $32 million (approx R438.50 million) as far as broadcast, TV channels and central sponsorship are concerned. At the moment it will be in its 20s.”