Kohli: New ICC regulations make things exciting, professional

The ODI series between India and New Zealand is scheduled to kick off on 22 October. Before that, the Indian skipper, Virat Kohli said that the New rules and regulation governed by ICC. It will make cricket more exciting than ever as well professionally. As per the new laws, all cricketer around the world will realize that What is the perfect mean of cricket.

Indian team is scheduled to follow all new rules and regulation in 3 matches ODI series between India and New Zealand. Virat Kohli expressed his point of view for ICC rules and regulation. let’s move below to check out his statement with media conference.

Virat Kohli said,” The New rules and regulations announced by ICC, some of the rules are very different. The batsman reaching the crease and after that, the bat bouncing off being not out. Rules changed in DRS(Decision Review System). Therefore some rules and regulation are very interesting. We will feel good to cope with it.

He added more,” Therefore I think that my teammates need awareness for the new rules and regulation. We will mix up with new rules and regulations as soon as possible.

Recently, the Indian team defeated Australian team in 5 matches ODI series by 4-1. Due to smashing perforce of Indian team against Australia, The Indian skipper, Virat Kohli is very delighted of that. The intention of Indian skipper to clean sweep the ODI series and at the top of ICC ODI  team ranking.

Kohli added more, “But in fact, it’s a good thing for all formate of cricket, new regulations will make things much more exciting and bit more professional I guess. While you are on the filed you have to consider about many things and this just adds to that and helps you focus more on what needs to be done during the course of a game,”

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