Namma Shivamogga 2017 Squad, Players and Tournament Schedule Karnataka Premier League

The Karnataka Premier League 2017 season is near to its inauguration and all the teams are set to face each other. Here all the team members of the Namma Shivamogga team is available. After looking towards the official squad it seems the team is quite tough as it consists of a queue of talented cricketers. Also, their opponents are quite strong as compared to them but their actual toughness will be visible on the ground. Below is the complete Namma Shivamogga 2017 Squad, Players along with their Tournament Schedule.

The team has a number of excellent first class cricketers and some promising youngsters as well along with some insane Batsmen. While the team is coupled with Anil Kumar who will coach the team with his huge experience and talent. Let’s now take a look at the Namma Shivamogga 2017 Squad for the KPL 2017 season.

Namma Shivamogga 2017 Squad

Namma Shivamogga 2017 Squad

Namma Shivamogga is one of the newest teams in the Karnataka Premier League. They joined the tournament in its fourth season making the tournament of total 8 teams. They have a bunch of strong players to their side for marking their presence in the tournament. Also, here is the complete KPL 2017 Squad along with important details.

Abrar Kazi – 2.5 LakhAkhil B – 2.4 LakhAnirudha Joshi – 5.8 LakhPradeep T – 4.8 LakhMohd. Sarfaraz Ashraf – 1.9 LakhVinoo Prasad – 0.2 Lakh

Amey Shanbag – 0.2 Lakh

Jonathan R – 5.1 Lakh

Liyan Khan – 0.2 Lakh

Abdul Majid – 0.2 Lakh

Saksham Kaul – 0.2 Lakh

Shoaib Manager – 1.1 Lakh

Chiranjeevi G S – 1.5 Lakh

Sadiq Kirmani – 0.2 Lakh

Nihal Ullal – 1.1 Lakh

Lavish – 0.2 Lakh

Aditya Somanna – 1 Lakh

Mashooq Hussain – 0.2 Lakh

Namma Shivamogga Schedule

A complete schedule of the team along with the timings and venue will be available immediately after it is revealed. So bookmark this page to get all the updates of the team and the league as well. Also, check out the video of the official Namma Shivamogga team.

Date Time Fixture
Sep 05, Tue 7:00 PM Namma Shivamogga vs Bellary Tuskers
Sep 07, Thu 7:00 PM Namma Shivamogga vs Bijapur Bulls
Sep 08, Fri 7:00 PM Hubli Tigers vs Namma Shivamogga
Sep 11, Mon 7:00 PM Bengaluru Blasters vs Namma Shivamogga
Sep 16, Sat 3:00 PM Belagavi Panthers vs Namma Shivamogga
Sep 19, Tue 3:00 PM Namma Shivamogga vs Mysuru Warriors