Queensland fielder Marnus Labuschagne penalized for breaking ICC’s new rules

As the Internation Cricket Council announced new rules and regulations for the international cricket. The New laws are pertaining to bats dimension, misbehave to players and much more. The new laws implemented to Internation cricket from 28 September 2017. Marnus Labuschagne, who is a representer to team Queensland. He became the first player to break new rules governed by ICC. Let’s move below to know what is the entire matter?

Queensland fielder Marnus Labuschagne penalized for breaking ICC's new rules

The JLT cup is a domestic cricket tournament of Australia used to held annually. During the match between Queensland Bulls and Cricket Australia XI. An unkie incident took place while playing the match, a batsman of the Cricket Australia XI played a shot. At that time, Marnus Labuschagne dived to stop the ball but he could not stop. Still, he tried to make fool to the batsman, Param Uppal by a fake throw. Thus, this incident break the new rules

Thus, this incident breaks the new rules and regulations implemented by the ICC. Queensland Bulls Penalised 5 runs to make an effort to make batsman fool. As per the MCC’s new Law 41.5,”it is totally  unfair for any fielder willfully to attempt, by word or action or misbehave, to distract the batsman or fielder, deceive or obstruct either batsman after the striker has received the ball.”

According to the new ICC rules, The umpires have authority to punish. If they see something is wrong on the ground. Under new ICC laws, if any filter assault, miss behave and showing improper action to any other fielder as well to the umpire. In such a situation the filter will be accused of the level 4 offense. Due to the offense of level 4, the umpires have an authority to sent the fielder out of the ground. While the offense of level 1 to 3 can be dealt with under the ICC Code of Conduct.Code of Conduct.