Rohit Sharma Opens Secret of Team India’s Success

The Indian right hande batsman, Rohit Sharma was attending a promotional event on Monday. At that time, some reporters asked Rohit Shama that what is the secret of the Men in Blue team. Then Rohit Sharma explained that why Indian team is standing at the top position in ICC ODI ranking. Let’s move to know below to know what is the replay of Rohit Sharma to Reporters.

Rohit Sharma said that the main strength of Indian team is their unity due to that only they achieved the dream to be top ODI team. The unity of Indian team played a major role to get over from jeopardy hence they could acquire success in all formats of Cricket.

Rohit said,”The way we are playing currently in every format of cricket, the credit goes to each and every player. Because either you play for the country or a city, the main intention every player that we have to win a match and it is not an easy task. We could achieve success continues in six back to back series because during the match we play as a unity”

During past few months, the Indian team has achieved many victories for the Indian cricket. In ODI and twenty 20 formats of cricket, Indian team defeated West Indies 3-1 in their home soil. After that Indian team defeated Sri Lanka 5-0. later on, Indian team defeated Australia by 4-1. After the fabulous win against Australia. Indian team reaches the top of the ICC ODI ranking.

Rohit Sharma added more,” Any can win a match until and unless the entire squad of the team contribute to winning the match. If a team think that any one or two players will some big inning we will win the match then it is impossible you never win any match. It is essential for every team to have unity in their team”

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