Sheffield Shield 2017-18 Points Table & Results

The 125th edition of the Sheffield Shield is on the way. The preparation for the 125th season is in the pipeline. The Sheffield Shield is the first class domestic level test match tournament in Australia. As per the announced made by the Cricket Australia regarding the 125th season. According to the that, it is set to kick off on 26 October 2017. Below is the complete Sheffield Shield 2017-18 Points Table & Standings of the teams.

Sheffield Shield 2017-18 Points Table

After that approximately 5 months of the commotion, top 2 teams will enter in the final which is on 26 March 2018. New South Wales is the most successful team in this tournament, they have won the title 46 times. Victoria is the previous season winner of the tournament. Let’s move to check out Sheffield Shield 2017-18 Points Table. Also, here is the complete Sheffield Shield Schedule.

Sheffield Shield 2017-18 Points Table

Here I have provided Sheffield Shield 2017-18 Points Table but currently, it is blank. Because the tournament has not begun yet. On the tournament will begin then we will update the point table match by match.

Teams Mat Won Lost Tied Draw Aban Pts
South Australia
Western Australia
New South Wales


In the upcoming 125th season of the tournament total, 6 teams will clash together to lift the 125th title of the tournament. Total 31 matches are set to take place by 6 competitive. This tournament is used to play in the round robin and final format.

As per the point system in the Sheffield Shield tournament according to that if a team score is 8/350 after completion of 100 overs then the team will be rewarded 1.5 points. and the opposition team will reward  0.8 points for each wicket. Teams will suffer from penalty if they unable to maintain an adequate over rate during the match.

If a test match draws in 1st inning then both teams will be rewarded 1 point to each. If a team win a match completely, they receive total 6 points, and when match ties then both team will get 3 points.

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