Steve Smith upset after two consecutive losses

The second ODI match of the ODI series was on 21 September 2017. In the second match, Australian team again faced consecutive loss. After that Indian team is ahead in the ODI series with 2-0 in the favor of India.

After a consecutive loss in the second ODI match, The Australian batsmen, Steve Smith recommended his batsman to improve his batting lineup. Because in the second ODI match, The entire Australian batting line-up collapsed very dreadfully due to that they have to face loss in the match by  50 runs.

The Australian captain, Steve Smith said that his batsman played some silly shots and failed to execute their plan as per the situation. While chasing the target of  253 runs, Australian lost their 8 wickets by the score of 112 runs. Total seven batsmen of the Australian batting line up, they could not reach the double digits. Batsman losses their wicket too early which is the main causes of collapsed entire batting line. Therefore, In the second ODI match, they have to face loss.

After shocking losses in continuously in the Two ODI matches. The skipper of the Australian team, Steve Smith expressed his point of view and Why the entire batting line-up collapses, again and again. Let’s move to check out below.

The Australian ODI captain,  Steve Smith said,”It’s not easy to put my finger on but whatever happened in last two ODI matches against India. It needs to change and we need to make a better decision when we are in under pressure and start playing our natural game to overcome the pressure as well as to win the match. It’s not good enough.

Steve Smith mentioned in his speech that they will try as much as possible to execute their plan during the situation. He added more,  “Well, it’s happening a bit too often for my liking, to be honest with you — in all forms of cricket. We have had a lot of collapses and we need to stop it”