Stuart Clark says Virat Kohli plays 10 times better when he fights with people

Once again the Indian team skipper, Virat Kohli involved with the another verbal dual. This time he involved with the Australian wicketkeeper Matthew Wade while the Austrian team and Indian team were playing second ODI match. let’s move below to know in brief regarding the entire matter.

While both teams were playing the 2nd ODI match, during the match when Virat Kohli was not out on the score of 79. At that time he was on non-strike and Kedar Jadhav was on strike.  Same time,  Kedar Jadhav missed out the delivery of Marcus Stoinis. Simultaneously Mehtue wade made a misfiled and ball hit to him. Thus both players are involved in the verbal fight.

Stuart Clark says Virat Kohli plays 10 times better when he fights with people

After that, when Australian team was cashing the target of 253. At that time, He is sent back to the pavilion by the  Kuldeep Yadav.Thus, the Indian captain, Virat Kohli gave Mehtue wade a perfect answer of the verbal dual during the first inning.

After that the former Australian bowler Stuart Clark express his point of view regarding the matter. Let’s move to know what did he say with the Sky Sports Radio?

He said, “I wouldn’t be saying too much to Virat Kohli. He seems to want to fight with everyone and he seems to play 10 times better when he does fight with people,”

Stuart Clark felt for the behavior of Mehtue wade with the Indian skipper Virat Kohli while playing 2nd ODI. Currently, the Australian team is having more thing to worry about that, they don’t need to worry about a signal runs.

He added more,” This all happens for just about one run. Is this the biggest issue this team has got? If I’m Matthew Wade and I’m Marcus Stoinis – and full credit to him for standing up for Matthew Wade – I am worried about my own cricket, rather than all this other stuff. This is piddly crap.”