Tamil Nadu Premier League 2017 TV channels

TNPL is one of the Indian Cricket T20 League of the Tamil Nadu Premier League. The league founded by Tamil Nadu State Cricket Association in August 2016. After getting more popularity in the one season, the tournament is coming with the new season. Which will start from July to August 2017? Where to watch TNPL 2017 TV channels, Check below.

In the second season, total 8 teams are participating in battle UTI Patriots are defending champion while Chepauk Super Gillies has runner-up of the season. TUTI Patriots have to look, strong team, because in their previous season they have won TNPL title.

TNPL 2017 TV channels- Tamil Nadu Premier League


TNPL 2017 TV channels

The second season of the Tamil Nadu Premier League will be played between August to September 2017. Where to watch TNPL 2017 TV channels on your TV and how to watch this is the main problem.

Star Sports Networks will provide the TV Coverage of the Tamil Nadu Premier League 2017 matches while the online users can watch TNPL live online on hotstar.com.

#Short profile TNPL

  • Founder: Tamil Nadu Cricket Association
  • Headquarters: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Format: Twenty20
  • Founded in: 2016
  • Tournament Format: Round-robin and Knock-out
  • Number of teams: 8

Tamil Nadu Premier League Schedule

22-Jul-17 Saturday Albert Tuti Patriots vs Dindigul Dragons-1st Match 7.30PM
23-Jul-17 Sunday Lyca Kovai Kings VS Karaikudi Kaalai-2nd Match 7.30PM
24-Jul-17 Monday Chepauk Super Gillies VS Tiruvallur VB Veerans- 3rd Match 7.30PM
25-Jul-17 Tuesday Madurai Super Giant VS Dindigul Dragons – 4th Match 7.30PM
26-Jul-17 Wednesday Ruby Trichy Warriors VS Albert Tuti Patriots-5th Match 7.30PM
27-Jul-17 Thursday Madurai Super Giant VS Karaikudi Kaalai 6th Match 7.30PM
28-Jul-17 Friday Dindigul Dragons VS Tiruvallur VB Veerans- 7th Match 7.30PM
29-Jul-17 Saturday Chepauk Super Gillies VS Lyca Kovai Kings – 8th Match 7.30PM
30-Jul-17 Sunday Karaikudi Kaalai VS Albert Tuti Patriots 9th Match 3.30PM
30-Jul-17 Sunday Tiruvallur VB Veerans VS Ruby Trichy Warriors 10th Match 7.30PM
31-Jul-17 Monday Lyca Kovai Kings VS Dindigul Dragons 11th Match 7.30PM
01-Aug-17 Tuesday Chepauk Super Gillies VS Albert Tuti Patriots 12th Match 7.30PM
Karaikudi Kaalai VS Tiruvallur VB Veerans 13th Match
02-Aug-17 Wednesday Ruby Trichy Warriors VS Madurai Super Giant 14th Match 7.30PM
03-Aug-17 Thursday Albert Tuti Patriots VS Lyca Kovai Kings 15th Match 7.30PM
04-Aug-17 Friday Karaikudi Kaalai VS Chepauk Super Gillies 16th Match 7.30PM
05-Aug-17 Saturday Dindigul Dragons VS Ruby Trichy Warriors 17th Match 3.30PM
05-Aug-17 Saturday Tiruvallur VB Veerans VS Albert Tuti Patriots 18th Match 7.30PM
06-Aug-17 Sunday Madurai Super Giant VS Chepauk Super Gillies 19th Match 7.30PM
07-Aug-17 Monday Dindigul Dragons VS  Karaikudi Kaalai 20th Match 7.30PM
08-Aug-17 Tuesday Madurai Super Giant VS Tiruvallur VB Veerans 21st Match 7.30PM
09-Aug-17 Wednesday Chepauk Super Gillies VS Ruby Trichy Warriors 22nd Match 7.30PM
10-Aug-17 Thursday Lyca Kovai Kings vs Madurai Super Giant 23rd Match 7.30PM
11-Aug-17 Friday Karaikudi Kaalai VS Ruby Trichy Warriors 24th Match 7.30PM
12-Aug-17 Saturday Tiruvallur VB Veerans VS Lyca Kovai Kings 25th Match 7.30PM
13-Aug-17 Sunday Albert Tuti Patriots VS Madurai Super Giant 26th Match 3.30PM
13-Aug-17 Sunday Dindigul Dragons VS Chepauk Super Gillies 27th Match 7.30PM
14-Aug-17 Monday Ruby Trichy Warriors VS Lyca Kovai Kings 28th Match 7.30PM
15-Aug-17 Tuesday 7.30PM
16-Aug-17 Wednesday 7.30PM
18-Aug-17 Friday 7.30PM
20-Aug-17 Sunday 7.30PM