Chile vs Argentina 2016 Copa America Final Match Result and Highlights

Chile vs Argentina 2016 Copa America Final, a match with full of action and breaking news, took place on Sunday night, 26th June 2016 at Met Life stadium. Chile lifted 2016 Copa America cup on second consecutive time after beating Argentina by 4-2 in penalty shoot-outs. Let us discuss in details about result and highlights.

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Copa America 2016

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Both the teams looked pretty strong in their play of the total time of 120 minutes. No team could score any goal in the stipulated time of 120 minutes. As per the rule, it was decided to go for penalty shoot outs. In this penalty shoot outs both teams get equal opportunity to score.

Before that Marcelo Daiz got two yellow cards at 28th minute of the match. He had to stay out of the game. At 43rd minute of the match Marcos Rojo got red card straight away by refree. The drama happened during the match. Lionel Messi, a star player for Argentina, was kept quiet throughout the match by Chile defense. Thus Lionel Messi failed to perform at his best.

After the 120 minutes of the match it came to shoot outs. Here Argentina missed the opportunity and eventually missed 2016 Copa America cup for the second year consecutively. Last year too these two teams were into the finals. Chile beat Argentina last year too. That has hurt Lionel Messi and co. a lot.

Messi quits international football for Argentina.

It has been a heartbreak for Lionel Messi since 2015 as Argentina could not pull it off the finals. They tried hard but Chile looked too strong. Lionel Messi could not control his emotions. He said that his Argentina career is over. He would no longer play for Argentina. He is not satisfied with the results. He said, “ we are not satisfied after reaching finals and not winning it.’’

Argentina is no doubt one of the best football teams in the world. But this time they failed to live upto the expectations. Thus Chile defeated Argentina by 4-2 and won the final.