Pires : “Still waiting in hope to try India for one last adventure”

Arsenal’s legendary playere Robert Pires has said that he’s waiting to make a decision on whether he wants to come back for one last season in the Indian Super League.


Robert Pires was ISL franchise FC Goa’s marquee signing last season and in his eight appearances, he scored once from the spot.

The Frenchman has been training with his former club Arsenal and says that he’s still in good shape and working hard to keep himself fit.

“I feel I’m in good shape. I’m pretty happy because the other day I took part in pre-season training at Arsenal, with the club’s internationals. Okay, I’m not going to pretend I didn’t suffer a little because at 41 it’s not the same any more,” Pires said.

He also said that his body and mind are still willing to take the load even at 41 and that his vision and technique are still intact.

Pires also asserted that it’s the love for the game that gets him going rather than the money.

“I played at the highest level for 19 seasons, and I’m aware of having had a wonderful career. Right now, I’m guided by my love of football more than anything else. There are always jealous people who’ll criticise and say that I’m chasing money, but I’ve never heard of any professions that people do for free,” Pires continued.

“The Indians got in touch with me to use my name and image, so it’s only fair that I get paid for that. But, I’ll say it again: I love football. I live in London and, whenever I get a chance to play a five-a-side game with some friends, I’m there. Football is my passion and it’s what I’ve done since I was seven years old,” he added.

These all statements were recorded during his talk with FIFA.