Premier Futsal League Winners Champions of the League in Overall Seasons

Premier Futsal league is one of the most popular domestic football league in India. This league was founded in the year 2016. After a successful season, the preparation for the 2nd season is in the pipeline. Premier Futsal schedule has been announced officially. India and the United Arab Emirates both are going to host 2nd season. Below is the complete Premier Futsal Winners for Overall seasons.

As per the schedule announced for the 2nd season, the league is to kick off from 15 September and conclude on 1st October 2017. Let’s move to check out Premier Futsal Winners list till now. Here is the complete PFL 2017 Schedule.

Premier Futsal Winners

The 1st seasons of the Premier Futsal were hosted by the India. in the first season total, 6 teams were competing together to lift up the title. teams are dived into 2 group, Group A, and Group B each group consist of 3 teams. In the tournament each, every team had played 6 matches. Due to their best performance in the tournament, 2 teams from Group A clash together in the final match. Want to catch the live matches from the 2017 season of the league? So follow the link to buy the PFL 2017 tickets from the official distributors.

Mumbai 5s- Season 1 (2016)

Premier Futsal Winners

In 1st seasons of the Premier Futsal, the championship match was between Mumbai 5s and Kochi 5s. The final match between Mumbai 5s and Kochi 5s had been tied then referee of the match decided to have a penalty shoot match.

Due to the penalty shoot match, Mumbai 5s defeated Kochi 5s by 3-2 in the favor of the Mumbai 5s. In the entire season, Mumbai 5s played total 6 matches and succeeded to win 5 matches as well as to lift up the 1st ever title of the Premier Futsal. The opposite and runner of the 1st seasons had achieved successes in only 2 matches.

The upcoming 2nd seasons of the Premier Futsal is soon to kick off in the month of September 2017. The 2nd season gonna be most excitement than previous season due to the addition of new 2 teams in the tournament.


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