UEFA EURO 2016 Final Portugal Vs France Results and Highlights

Portugal lifted the UEFA EURO 2016 cup for the first time in their history. It was glorious moment for Portugal as they beat France 1-0 in the finals at State de France in Saint- Denis on Sunday, 10 July. It was a thrilling match. Let us see the match result and highlights in details.

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Drama happened at football ground yesterday. Bad start for Portugal as they lost Cristiano Ronaldo in the 25th minute of the match due to Knee injury. There was opportunity for France as it was setback for Portugal. France tried hard but the Portugal was not the team which is depended on 1 player. They played with brave hearts throughout the match.

In the first half of 45 minutes no goal was scored. Cristiano Ronaldo had to leave and France looked dominant side in the first half. But their efforts were not enough to send the ball into the goal and take the lead. The second half also went goalless. This was the first UEFA EURO finals without a goal in the regulation time. Although France maintained its attacking intent in second half also, they could not penetrate through Portugal defense for the 90 minutes. So 90 minutes were gone without any goal.

As per the rule if no team scores a goal in regulation time, the extra 30 minutes are given which is known as extra time. As it was finals the result was mandatory. So accordingly game started and till first half of extra time no goal was scored. Both teams were fighting hard.

But the goal came off at 109th minute of the match. It was striker Eder, who had come as substitute at 79th minute of the match, scored goal. After that 11 minutes+ 2 extra minutes were left in the game. Portugal did not allow France to come back in the match. The time got over eventually and Portugal stunned France by defeating them by 1-0 and created history.

Cristiano Ronaldo was the happiest man on earth last night while Griezmann could not hide his emotions as he said, “Losing to Ronaldo sucks.” That was all for now and Portugal became the champions of UEFA EURO 2016 for the first time.