Belgium vs Korea and Great Britain vs Australia Hockey Championship 2016 Match Highlights and Results

After the India vs Germany thrilling hockey match it was Korea who stunned Belgium with their clinical performance. In the third clash Great Britain hold the world number 1 Australia to draw. It was perfect start to FIH Men’s Hockey Championship Tournament with best hockey teams competing in the tournament with each other. Let us see the match highlights  Belgium vs Korea and Great Britain vs Australia.

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Belgium vs Korea

In the match Belgium vs Korea, Belgium had decent start. Till first quarter no team could score any goal. The game was full open for both teams. Slowly and gradually Korea took the command over ball and in the second quarter korea got the desired penalty corner. An opportunity was there. Still has to convert it into the goal. Eventually they did it. Begium goalkeeper had no idea. Koreans were absolutely professional. Yang Jihun did a fabulous job. His timing was upto the mark. He scored first goal.

In the second quarter Belgium looked under pressure. They were trying hard to make a comeback. Belgium got opportunity in the second quarter in the form of penalty corner. But they couldn’t convert it into goal.

Things didn’t changed much in third quarter fo Belgium. The day belonged to Korean. They scored another one. This time it was Jung Manjae who was absolutely spot on. He successfully dodged goal keeper from his left. It was hard strike from Jung Manjae. Finally game ended and Belgium lost by 0-2.

Great Britain vs Australia 

Third match of the first day was bit different. Though Australians looked pretty much attacking as usual throughout the match, Great Britain were also unbreakable in the defence. No goal was scored by anyside. Match ended up in 0-0. It was a draw. It was confidence boosting for Great Britain. They played some good hockey against a quality team Australia world number 1. Australia produced few penalty shoots at regular interval in the match. Same thing happened with Great Britain. Both teams failed as defence looked quite extraordinary from both sides.