India vs Australia Men’s Hockey Championship Trophy 2016 Match Highlights and Results

India vs Australia Men’s Hockey Championship Trophy 2016

India lost to Australia yesterday by 2-4 in men’s hockey championship trophy 2016. Initially India looked to defend the Aussie’s attack. But soon they found themselves under pressure as Aussie’s were absolutely professional. Let us look at the details of match.

India’s two goals came off very late. They did not pose any threat to Australia. Both the goals of India came off through penalty corners. The penalty corner striker V R Raghunath and Mandeep Sharma did well to score those two.Austarlia, who had gained lead through strikes from Trent Mitton, Aran Zalewski, Tristen White and Flynn Ogilvie, dominated the game. They never looked out of the game.

India succeeded in stopping Austarlia in first quarter. But in second quarter India made errors and gave away two goals to mighty Aussie’s. India provided lot of space in their area through which Australia sent the ball into the nets twice.

In third quarter it became worst where India scored just one and Australia hit another two. In last Indians tried hard. They did not allow Australians to score any more. But scored just one goal in 4th quarter. The lead was too much for them. It was enough for Australia to win the eventually.

India cruised to finals of men’s hockey championship trophy 2016.

Luckily for India the other match between Great Britain and Belgium was a draw (3-3) yesterday. The equation was clear for India after the defeat by Australia. Australia were already qualified for finals. In the clash between Great Britain and Belgium, if Great Britain would have won the match they would have entered into finals. Belgium’s victory would have brought number of goals of India and Belgium into comparison. A draw was required to qualify India for finals and exactly same thing happened.

So India and Australia will play for gold while Great Britain will fight for bronze against Germany on 17 June, 2016