India vs Australia Men’s Hockey championship trophy final 2016 highlights and Result

Australia lifted men’s hockey champions trophy 2016 for the 14th time. They played like a champion and beat India by 3-1 but not in  regulation time but in shootouts. Yes, the match was strecthed to shootouts and much drama happened. Let us see the detail highlights of the match.


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In the regulation play time both teams failed to score any goal. Australians tried all sort of things to go through defense of Indians. But Indians refused every time by their strong defense. Australians also tried to put hard pressure on Indian defense but Indians were not ready to give up under any circumstances. India tried hard to find the gap in Aussie’s in defense but they were absolutely spot on. Eventually at the end of the regulation time the game finished at 0-0. As it was a final, winner has to be decided. It was time for shootouts.

In the shootouts Australia won the battle. They outscored India by 3-1. Australia scored 3 goals out 4 hits while India managed to score only 1 out of 4. Harmanpreet Singh was the only player who converted his shoot into goal for India. For Australia Aran, Beale, Orchard scored goals in shootout.

India lodged a complaint

Beale scored second goal for Australia after the retake was given to him. Indian goalie PR Sreejesh committed unintentional foul and TV umpires asked for retake. Beale got second chance and this time he did not disappoint. He converted and upset India. But drama did not over here. India lodged official complaint regarding Australia’s second goal. India claimed that Australia asked for referral after the requisite time of 8 seconds during which a player has to complete the shootout. India’s complaint was reviewed and medal ceremony was delayed for an hour. Finally after one hour Australia were announced as winner.

Once again Australia proved why they are world number 1. But this was India’s best performance in champions trophy. In 1982 India had won bronze. After a long time India achieved a medal in champions trophy.