India vs Germany Men’s Hockey Champions Trophy Match Highlights

So in an opening match of Hockey Champions Trophy 2016, everyone would have expected a grand opening. And to everyone’s surprise, it was a thriller as India vs Germany took place at Lee Valley Hockey Centre, in London. Where the match went on to a straight draw on 3-3 in the second half of the play. So let’s get into the detailed highlights of the match of India vs Germany –> As it happened..

India vs Germany

The match started at 8:30 pm IST. The start wasn’t an ideal one for the Indian team. In the very first minute of the game, Germany got a penalty shoot. Although the shoot was defended properly, it wasn’t a great start for India. However in the 7th minute of the game  VR Raghunath shoot out on a penalty shoot to give India it’s first lead, making the scores 1-0 (India – Germany).  So these were the highlights of the first quater of the game.

The second quarter of the match started with another penalty corner, but this time VR Raghunath failed to utilise it. In the very few minutes SP Sunil scored a goal, which was later found to be a foul. Later Thomas scored a brilliant goal when he got a Free Hit to bring Germany to an equalizer by 1-1. And then just SP Sunil shot an goal to make India lead by 2-1 in the game. This is how the first half of the game ended at 2-1 (India – Germany), where India was in lead.

Then started the second half in which Harmanpreet gave a straight goal to make India lead by 3-1. Just as everything was going right for the Indian team, Tom Grambusch scored second goal to make scores 3-2. Later a change of goal by the Germans was detained by the Indian defenders to deny the equalizer goal. Thus at the end of third quarter India was at lead with 3-2 in the match.

Then started the final fourth quarter of the game. In this both the teams were eager to score goals to win the match convincingly. Then was a series of opportunities for both the teams to score several goal. But they failed to capitalize on the oppotunites. But in the 57th minute of the game Gomoll shot a brilliant goal to make the scores level for the Germans. This is how the match went on to a straight draw with 3-3.

Playing XI of India vs Germany match

Key Highlights of the India vs Germany match