India vs Great Britain Men’s Hockey Champions Trophy Result and Highlights

After giving a strong fight to the defending champions in their opening match, to draw the match by 3-3. The Indian Hockey team once again with their brilliant performance thrilled the audience and also their opponents. Thus winning the match by 2-1(India – Great Britain) (India – Great Britain)  in a thriller match of India vs Great Britain on 11th June, 2016. The britain’s goalscorer Ashley Jackson exclaimed that it was an embarrassing defeat for his side.

India vs Great Britain

As like the first match between India and Germany, the match started at 8:30 pm IST on the night of 11th June, 2016 in Queen Elizabeth Park, London. Despite the efforts of both the teams to scores atleast a single goal in the first quarter of the match. Both the teams where unable to score any goal in the first quarter of the match. The first quarter ended at 9:07 pm with scores of 0-0 (India – Great Britain).

The second quarter of the game started more energetically with both the teams trying their best to update the score-board. Then came the 17′ of the game where Mandeep Singh carved a beautiful field goal to give India it’s very first lead in the match and updated the scoreboard to 1-0. This was the only goal shot during the entire first half of the game. Thus at the end of the first half the scoreboard still showed 1-0 (India – Great Britain).

Then started the second half of the game where Britain was in great pressure to open their part of scoreboard. But still to their surprise a penalty stroke was gifted to the Indian team. That was the chance when Harmanpreet Singh converted that penalty stroke to an astonishing goal for the Indian team, which extended the India’s lead to 2-0. Just after the very moment in the next minute i.e. 35′ Great Britain’s Ashley Jackson striked through a penalty corner to give Britain a very needed goal. Thus tickling the scoreboard to 2-1 (India – Great Britain). Thus ended the third quarter of the game.

Britain was in a stupendous mood to snatch any possible opportunity to score a goal in the last quarter of the game. In the 50′ Mandeep Singh got a chance to increase India lead but he failed to do so. While in the 57′ Britain’s chances of scoring a goal was washed away by Sreejesh to equal the scores. After that no opportunity wasa given to make any goal by the Indian Team. And thus at the end of the second half of the game the scores were 2-1. This clearly meant that India had defeated Great Britain by 2-1. This was all about India vs Great Britain Hockey Match.

India vs Great Britain Key Highlights