Maximum Sixes (Biggies)

Maximum Sixes (Biggies)



So we all are fascinated about sixes, isn’t it. Almost every player can hit the bowl a long way into the stands. But every player cannot be entrusted with this responsibility to hit a biggie when it is needed. But there are certain players who can hit the bowl consistently into the stands. So there are certain players who has been consistently hitting them and making there names into the top five maximum six hitters. The list follows as :

Player Name Team 6’s Match Runs HS Ave SR
CH Gayle RCB 38 14 491 117 40.91 147.44
KA Pollard MI 28 16 416 70 41.60 165.07
BB McCullum CSK 23 14 436 100* 33.53 155.71
Virat Kohli RCB 23 16 505 82* 45.90 130.82
AB de Villiers RCB 22 16 513 133* 46.63 175.08

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