Pro Kabaddi 2016 season 4 match Result and Highlights, Dabang Delhi Vs Patna Pirates match 52

Dabang Delhi Vs Patna Pirates match 52 was an exciting match to watch yesterday in Pro Kabaddi 2016 season 4 at Thyagraj sports complex, Delhi. Patna Pirates beat Dabang Delhi(32-31). Let us see the match result and highlights in details.

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pp vs dd

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Dabang Delhi started the things pretty well against Patna Pirates. It was a good start for them as they were leading the game 3-1. But Patna Pirates were in terrific form throughout this season. They were also not behind in scoring points. So the scores were moving neck to neck. It looked close match right from the start.

After 8 minutes the score was 5-4 and Patna Pirates had 1 point lead. But Meraj sheikh did a brilliant tackle of for Dabang Delhi and took the lead of 6-5. Both teams were competitive. If Dabang Delhi score a point then Patna Pirates equalize it quickly.

At 15th minute of the match Patna Pirates had lead of 11-7. There was a danger of all out for Dabang Delhi. But Kashiling Adake was in good form in raiding. 4 minutes were left for first half time and Patna Pirates were leading 13-11. Meanwhile Dabang Delhi did super tackle of Pradeep Narwal and leveled the score as 13-13. Till the first half time Dabang Delhi managed to take the lead of 16-14. Second half was going to be interesting that’s for sure.

In the second half at 23rd minute of the match Patna Pirates leveled the score. It was 16-16.    Meanwhile Meraj Shaikh did super raid and took the lead again as 21-19. Along with lead he also saved certain all out of his team. Dabang Delhi were fighting hard and not allowing the all out. At 14th minute of the match Dabang Delhi were leading by 23-20.

Once again Meraj Shaikh saved all out and the Dabang Delhi were leading by 25-22 and 11 minutes were left in the game. But at 30th minute Pradeep Narwal brought 2 points and also inflicted all out and now Patna Pirates took the lead of 26-25. 8 minutes were left and Patna Pirates had the lead of 28-26. In the next minute Dabang Delhi took the lead of 29-28. It was really a fantastic match. It was full of up and down.

Final 6 minutes and the score was 29-29. 5 minutes were left and Dabang Delhi took the lead of 31-29 after tackling Rajesh Mondal. Last 2 minutes were left and the score was leveled at 31-31. finally Patna Pirates won it. They tackled Kashiling and won it by 1 point.