Pro Kabaddi 2016 season 4 Result and Highlights, Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Bengaluru Bulls 10th match

Another fantastic match ended up in another tie of this season 4 in Pro Kabaddi 2016. What we saw yesterday in Jaipur was amazing. Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Bengaluru Bulls 10th match resulted in tie (28-28). Let us see the highlights and results of the match in details.

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If we see the overall scenario of the entire match between Jaipur Pink Panthers and Bengaluru Bulls it looked match was tilted towards the Bengaluru Bulls until the last few minutes. In last few minutes things changed. Jaipur Pink Panthers came from behind and managed to make it tie. The tie was like a win for Jaipur Pink Panthers. Due to the tie they are at number 3 in points table with 9 points and Bengaluru Bulls hold 4th place with 8 points.

Right from the beginning of the match Bengaluru Bulls maintained the pressure over Jaipur Pink Panthers with their attacking game. Till first half time of the match Benguluru Bulls were leading with 3 points. For Jaipur Pink Panthers only Jasvir Singh looked impressive with his raids. Team looked over dependent on him.

In the next half time of the match the lead increased. At one stage Bengaluru Bulls were leading with 11 points. Bengaluru Bulls were looking favourites at that time. But dramatic change took place in the match. It was Jasvir Singh who led from the front although Shabbir Bapu looked ordinary yesterday.

After the all out Jaipur Pink Panthers started skilled raids and perfect tackles. Jaipur Pink Panthers inflicted all out of Bengaluru Bulls and from there Jaipur Pink Panthers did not stop scoring till the last minute of the match.

In this way by scoring last point with a tackle Jaipur Pink Panthers tied the match. The scores equalized at 28-28.