Pro Kabaddi 2016 Season 4 Results and Highligths, Bengal Warriors vs Dabang Delhi 5th match full report

Bengal Warriors put on their first win in the PKL season- 4 and opened their account in the points table. Yesterday in the match Bengal Warriors vs Dabang Delhi,  Bengal warriors beat Dabang Delhi 31-23 in a combined team performance way . They executed their plans very well as compared to Dabang Delhi. Let us see the match result and highlights in details.

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See Below Pro Kabaddi 2016 Season 4 Results and Highligths, Bengal Warriors vs Dabang Delhi 5th match full Updates

What was important in yesterday’s match is the co-ordination among the players of the Bengal Warriors team. They kept their cool till the end and took the result into their favour. Both teams started their games cautiously. Defense looked good from both the sides initially. Meraj Shaikh from Dabang Delhi was really impressive with his raids. Till the first half time Dabang Delhi were leading with 1 point. It was 14-13 and the game was open to both sides. The match was evenly balanced. It looked like the match was little bit tilted towards Dabang Delhi because they had 1 point lead and also Meraj Shaikh was looking in terrific form but still it was difficult to predict the result.

In the next half of the match Bengal Warriors attacked with a plan. Bengal Warriors tackled Meraj Shaikh successfully. Vishal Mane did a fabulous job for Bengal Warriors. He hold the back of Meraj Shaikh and his teammates did the rest. It was a turning point of the match. Bengal Warriors successfully kept Meraj Shaikh outside. The match was now moving towards Bengal Warriors. Dabang Delhi looked under pressure. It was frustrating for Meraj Shaikh to sit outside for long time.

Another important player for Dabang Delhi is Kashiling who did not perform to expectation. As the game progressed towards end Bengal Warriors looked composed and calm while Dabang Delhi looked frustrated. However Dabang Delhi managed to bring back Meraj Shaikh in the end. But it was too late. The lead was beyond reach. He tried hard but it was not enough.

Thus too much dependence on Meraj Shaikh and Kashiling’s bad form costed Dabang Delhi a match. In this way Bengal Warriors beat Dabang Delhi 31-23 and got first victory of Pro Kabaddi League season-4 2016.