Pro Kabaddi League 2017 Schedule of all matches

Pro Kabaddi League 2017 will start from June 2017 and will end on July 2017. The Will watch all matches of the tournament on Star Sports while the online user can watch Pro Kabaddi Live Streaming on See below Pro Kabaddi 2017 Fixtures and teams details.

The participating teams are Delhi, Bengal Warriors, Jaipur Pink Panthers, Bangalore Bulls, Telugu Titans, U Mumbai, Patna is Pirates.

Pro Kabaddi 2017 Fixtures, Schedule & Time Table | Season 5

Pro Kabaddi 2017 Fixtures and Schedule

The Pro Kabaddi 2017 Fixtures has announced, it will start from 28 July 2017. In this season 130 matches will play within 13 weeks across in 11 states. The Pro Kabaddi 2017 Fixtures and Schedule check below.

The everyday First Match will Start at 8 PM 

The everyday Second Match will Start at 9 PM

Date Match 1 Match 2 Venues
July 28 HYD vs CHE MUM vs PUN Hyderabad
July 29 JAI vs DEL HYD vs PAT Hyderabad
July 30 MUM vs HAR HYD vs BLR Hyderabad
July 31 Rest day Rest day Hyderabad
Aug 1 GUJ vs DEL HYD vs UP Hyderabad
Aug 2 GUJ vs HAR HYD vs KOL Hyderabad
Aug 3 HYD vs PAT Hyderabad
Aug 4 BLR vs CHE PUN vs DEL Bengaluru
Aug 5 MUM vs DEL BLR vs UP Bengaluru
Aug 6 KOL vs UP BLR vs PAT Bengaluru
Aug 7 Rest day Rest day Bengaluru
Aug 8 GUJ vs HAR BLR vs HYD Bengaluru
Aug 9 BLR vs KOL Bengaluru
Aug 10 PUN vs JAI BLR vs CHE Bengaluru
Aug 11 GUJ vs MUM Ahmedabad
Aug 12 HYD vs UP GUJ vs DEL Ahmedabad
Aug 13 PAT vs UP GUJ vs JAI Ahmedabad
Aug 14 Rest day Rest day Ahmedabad
Aug 15 KOL vs PUN GUJ vs BLR Ahmedabad
Aug 16 HAR vs CHE GUJ vs HYD Ahmedabad
Aug 17 DEL vs CHE GUJ vs KOL Ahmedabad
Aug 18 UP vs MUM BLR vs JAI Lucknow
Aug 19 HYD vs MUM UP vs HAR Lucknow
Aug 20 PAT vs PUN UP vs JAI Lucknow
Aug 21 Rest day Rest day Lucknow
Aug 22 GUJ vs PUN UP vs KOL Lucknow
Aug 23 HAR vs DEL UP vs CHE Lucknow
Aug 24 UP vs HYD Lucknow
Aug 25 MUM vs JAI KOL vs PAT Mumbai
Aug 26 PAT vs CHE MUM vs PUN Mumbai
Aug 27 KOL vs BLR MUM vs DEL Mumbai
Aug 28 Rest day Rest day Mumbai
Aug 29 BLR vs UP MUM vs GUJ Mumbai
Aug 30 MUM vs HAR Mumbai
Aug 31 HYD vs CHE MUM vs JAI Mumbai
Sep 1 KOL vs PAT Kolkata
Sep 2 GUJ vs HAR KOL vs UP Kolkata
Sep 3 GUJ vs JAI KOL vs CHE Kolkata
Sep 4 Rest day Rest day Kolkata
Sep 5 PAT vs JAI KOL vs HAR Kolkata
Sep 6 DEL vs BLR KOL vs MUM Kolkata
Sep 7 HYD vs PUN KOL vs DEL Kolkata
Sep 8 HAR vs PAT GUJ vs UP Haryana
Sep 9 PAT vs MUM HAR vs BLR Haryana
Sep 10 BLR vs PUN HAR vs HYD Haryana
Sep 11 Rest day Rest day Haryana
Sep 12 KOL vs HYD HAR vs DEL Haryana
Sep 13 CHE vs UP HAR vs PUN Haryana
Sep 14 HAR vs JAI Haryana
Sep 15 PAT vs HYD MUM vs GUJ Ranchi
Sep 16 BLR vs HYD PAT vs UP Ranchi
Sep 17 JAI vs DEL PAT vs KOL Ranchi
Sep 18 Rest day Rest day Ranchi
Sep 19 PUN vs HAR PAT vs BLR Ranchi
Sep 20 PAT vs CHE Ranchi
Sep 21 JAI vs HAR PAT vs UP Ranchi
Sep 22 DEL vs MUM Delhi
Sep 23 BLR vs KOL DEL vs PUN Delhi
Sep 24 KOL vs CHE DEL vs HAR Delhi
Sep 25 Rest day Rest day Delhi
Sep 26 GUJ vs CHE DEL vs PAT Delhi
Sep 27 HYD vs JAI DEL vs UP Delhi
Sep 28 BLR vs MUM DEL vs HYD Delhi
Sep 29 CHE vs PUN GUJ vs PAT Chennai
Sep 30 PUN vs UP CHE vs JAI Chennai
Oct 1 JAI vs KOL CHE vs MUM Chennai
Oct 2 Rest day Rest day Chennai
Oct 3 DEL vs GUJ CHE vs HYD Chennai
Oct 4 MUM vs HAR CHE vs UP Chennai
Oct 5 CHE vs BLR Chennai
Oct 6 JAI vs GUJ Wild card match Jaipur
Oct 7 Wild card match JAI vs MUM Jaipur
Oct 8 Wild card match JAI vs PUN Jaipur
Oct 9 Rest day Rest day Jaipur
Oct 10 Wild card match JAI vs DEL Jaipur
Oct 11 Wild card match JAI vs HAR Jaipur
Oct 12 Wild card match Jaipur
Oct 13 PUN vs GUJ KOL vs CHE Pune
Oct 14 CHE vs PAL PUN vs MUM Pune
Oct 15 BLR vs UP PUN vs DEL Pune
Oct 16 Rest day Rest day Pune
Oct 17 PUN vs HAR Pune
Oct 18 PAT vs BLR PUN vs JAI Pune
Oct 19 Diwali Diwali Pune
Oct 20 HYD vs KOL PUN vs GUJ Pune
Oct 22-23 Playoffs Playoffs Mumbai
Oct 26-28 Playoffs Playoffs Chennai

PKL Season 5  Time Table in PDF – Download PDF Time Table

Watch Pro Kabaddi Live

Pro Kabaddi League 2017 Live telecast on Star Sports, Star Gold, Stars ports 2. While the Online on mobile, computer, tablet and phone through Hotstar Apps and You can watch Live an another language. Pro Kabaddi Fixtures gave below, you can check it.

Language: English
commentary in Language: English commentary
Live Telecast Tv Channel: Star Sports 2, Star Sports HD2

Language: Hindi
commentary in Language: Hindi commentary
Live Telecast Tv Channel: Star Sports 3, Star Sports HD3, Star Gold

Language: Telugu
commentary in Language: Telugu commentary
Live Telecast Tv Channel: Maa Movies

Language: Kannada
commentary in Language: Kannada commentary
Live Telecast Tv Channel: Suvarna Plus

Language: Marathi
commentary in Language: Marathi commentary
Live Telecast Tv Channel: Star Pravah, Sundays only


Total 8 teams are participating in the competition.

  1. Bangalore Bulls teams
  2. Dabang Delhi
  3. Telugu Titans
  4. Jaipur Pink Panthers
  5. Warriors Bengal
  6. U Mumbai
  7. Patna pirate
  8. Puneri Paltans