Pro Kabaddi 2016 season 4 match Result and Highlights, Jaipur Pink Panthers Vs Dabang Delhi 44th match

Another tight finish as Jaipur Pink Panthers beat Dabang Delhi yesterday 24-22 in Pro Kabaddi 2016 season 4. Let us see the match result and highlights in details

Captain Jasvir singh was tackled in his very first raid by Dabang Delhi. Shabbier Bappu lost himself by going in lobby. So Dabang Delhi got good start and they were leading the game as 2-0. Again they tackled Rajesh Narwal and extended the lead to 3-0. At 8th minute of the match Vs Dabang Delhi had the lead of 4-2.

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But they could not hold the lead for long. Captain Jasvir singh brought 2 raiding points in back to back raids. Then Kashiling was tackled and at 12th minute Jaipur Pink Panthers took the lead 5-4. Only two players were in for Dabang Delhi and 11th minute Jaipur Pink Panthers inflicted first all out. The score was now 9-5.

At 12th minute Dabang Delhi tackled the raider Rajesh Narwal. Then Kashiling brought 2 points and the score was now 10-9. It looked tight match. In the do-or-die raid Ajay Kumar brought one point for Jaipur Pink Panthers and in the next raid Jaipur Pink Panthers tackled Kashiling. So the score was now 12-9. Again Dabang Delhi came under pressure.

Captain Jasvir singh was tackled by Dabang Delhi in do-or-die raid. In last raid of the first half time Ajay Kumar brought 2 points. In this way in the first half with full of up and downs Jaipur Pink Panthers retained the lead of 14-11.

In the second half Dabang Delhi lost another 2 points and the score become 16-11. At 26th minute of the match Meraj Shaikh brought 3 points in a super raid. Then they tackled Ajay Kumar and suddenly Dabang Delhi came back strong and the score was now 16-15 and Jaipur Pink Panthers still had the lead of 1 point.

Last 10 minutes were left and the Jaipur Pink Panthers had the lead of 2 points. The score was 18-16. But Captain Jasvir singh was brilliant last night. He brought raid points consistently and the score became 20-16. Rana also did great job in tackling for Jaipur Pink Panthers.

Last 5 minutes were left in the game. Meraj shaikh brought 2 points for Dabang Delhi and the score was now 22-18. Then Dabang Delhi did a super tackle which again reduced the lead to 22-20. Dabang Delhi was coming back in the match Meraj sheikh again brought 1 point and the score was now 22-21.

Last 2 minutes were left in the game. Ajay Kumar brought 1 point in a do-or-die raid in the last minute and the score was now 23-21 but in reply Meraj shaikh brought 1 point and the score was 23-22. In the last raid of the match raider Rajesh Narwal brought 1 point and eventually Jaipur Pink Panthers won the match.