Puneri Paltan vs Dabang Delhi PKL4 2016 Match Result and Highlights

What a season we are witnessing! Right from the beginning of the Pro Kabaddi League Season 4 2016 the matches are going really close and thrilling. Last night Puneri Paltan vs Dabang Delhi (27-27)match was a tie and it was the first tie of the season. Let us see the match result and highlights in details.

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Dabang Delhi started things off pretty well. They maintained the initial lead. Kashiling Adake, yesterday, looked impressive. He opened the account of points for Dabang Delhi with a bonus point. They were carrying the lead of 5 points. The score was 5-0 and in these 5 points Dabang Delhi had tackled frontline raider Manjeet Chillar of Puneri Paltan. So it was time for them to dominate and carry on with the lead. However they could not hold this lead for long. They missed the opportunity to keep the feet on opponent’s throat.

Puneri Paltan came back strong into the match. Dabang Delhi were all out in the first half which gave Puneri Paltan 2 extra points. They carried this lead upto first half time. The scores were 15-13 where Puneri Paltan had the lead of 2 points.

Second half started and Puneri Paltan maintained the lead for more than 10 minutes. Manjeet Chillars wasn’t looking at his best. His failure troubled Puneri Paltan. Dabang Delhi capitalized on that and took lead over Puneri Paltan. But Puneri Paltan also were not ready to give up at any point.

The score was 25-23 where Puneri Paltan were having lead of 2 points at 38th minute of the match. But Deepak Hooda from Dabang Delhi had some other idea in his mind. He did a super raid and now in last couple of minutes Dabang Delhi took lead.

In the closing minute of the match the score was 27-26. The final of Dabang Delhi was Do-or- Die raid and it was Meraj Shaikh who went for raid. The skipper of Puneri Paltan Manjeet Chillar stood out this time at very crucial moment of the match. He blocked Meraj Shaikh successfully and after 40 minutes of Kabaddi game we witnessed a tie.