Pro kabbadi League winners list – All Season results & Season 5

The Pro Kabaddi League is a professional game of the India. It founded by the initiative of Mashal Sports Company in 2014. The Co-founded of the Pro Kabaddi is Mr. Anand Mahindra. The Chairman of the Mahindra Groups. Mr. Charu Sharma, who is also a director of Mashal Sports. The Star India acquired a 74% stake in Mashal Sports. Now has control over the entire league as a majority owner of Mashal Sports. Mashal Sports has acquired the rights to organize the league for a period of 10 years from International Kabaddi Federation (IKF) with an option to renew it further. Here we have listed Pro Kabaddi winners list of all season.

Pro Kabaddi league got tremendous response and support from the fans and supporters and got a good number of a crowd for each and every match of all seasons of pro kabaddi league.

So let us see the winners of all seasons one by one…

1. Pro Kabaddi League season 1 [2014]

Pro Kabaddi League[2014] season-1

The first inaugural season of Pro Kabaddi League won by Jaipur Pink Panthers against U Mumba. Total 8 teams participated in Pro Kabaddi League and almost all the matches were high voltage matches and it was really difficult to predict the winner of this league.

2. Pro Kabaddi League season 2 [2015]

Pro Kabaddi League[2015] season-2

After the grand success of Pro Kabaddi League[2014] season-1, the season-2 caught the attention of many other sports personalities, advertisers, celebrities which automatically increased the popularity of this particular game in a country where Cricket is considered as everything.

The season-2 trophy was lifted by U Mumba for which they beat the finalist Bengaluru Bulls in the thrilling match.Similar to season 1 of Pro Kabaddi League[2014] 8 teams were included in the tournament.

3. Pro Kabaddi League season 3 [2016]

Pro Kabaddi League[2016] season-3

Once again coming back with season-3 the popularity of Pro Kabaddi League was at its peak.This time, it was Patna Pirates who captured the trophy with their brilliant performance throughout season and in the final against U Mumba

4. Pro Kabaddi League Season 4 [2016]

Pro Kabaddi 2016 season 4 Patna Pirates Beat Jaipur Pink Panthers by 8 Points. Patna Pirates Total Points was 39 while Jaipur Pink Panther points were only 29

5. Pro Kabaddi League season 4 [2017]

Pro Kabaddi 2017, season 5 in the final Patna Pirate won by 38 – 55 against GujaratFortunegiants. Once again JAWAHARLAL NEHRU INDOOR STADIUM, CHENNAI is the witness of the PKL final.

Let’s us look at the table of Pro Kabaddi League winners ⇓

Season      Winner   Runner-up     Result
2014- Season 1 Jaipur Pink Panthers U Mumba Jaipur Pink Panthers won by 11 points
2015-Season 2 U Mumba Bangaluru Bulls U Mumba won by 6 points
2016-Season 3 Patna Pirates U Mumba Patna Pirates won by 3 points
2016-Season 4 Patna Pirates Jaipur Pink Panthers Patna Pirates won by 8 points
2017-season5 Patna Pirates GujaratFortunegiants Patna Pirates won by 17 points

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