David Warner unhappy due to the ICC’s new rule on bat size

The Australian vice-captain, Steve Smith, and David Warner have to deal with their bats. Because the Internation Cricket council introduced some new rule and regulation pertaining to bat dimensions and Decision Review System. The new law is officially brought out by the former Australian captain Ricky Ponting. He stated that new rules pertaining to bat implemented to provide more balance to the Internation Cricket.

The new rules are set to affect the international cricket from 28 September 2017. Currently, The Australian team is engaged with the India. Therefore it will not affect the India vs Australia ODI series. The Australian player, David Warner want to be comfortable with new bats to perform better for the upcoming all most important series like the Ashes. He also stated that the new rule cannot affect his game. He will be comfortable with the new bats as soon as possible.


As per the new rules and regulation announced by the ICC pertaining to bat dimension. According to that, the edges of the bat is cannot be more than 40mm. As well as it should not be deeper than 67mm from blade to face. Due to new rules and regulation, the bat dimension of all international players must be same. There should not any difference in the quality of willow of the bats.

When the new rules and regulations pertaining to bat took place many smashing arguments around the world. It is expected that it will make the international better than ever. It is expected by all the cricket fans that new rules will help to create an equal battle between bat and ball. The new rules and regulations introduced by the ICC are pertaining to bat dimensions, Decision Review System, misconduct and much more. The new rules and regulations are set to affect all international cricket from 28 September 2017.