ICC Introduces New rules for cricket from 28 September 2017

Some new rules and regulations are going exist in the international cricket. The new rules and regulations are officially announced by the ICC (Internation cricket Council). The new rules are set to affect all the upcoming international cricket from 28 September 2017. Due to new rules umpire will get more authority to send crazy players out of the field. The upcoming rules regarding the thickness of bat. Let’s move below to know regarding new rules and regulations introduced by the ICC on Tuesday.

The new law introduced by the ICC is set to affect the upcoming South Africa-Bangladesh and Pakistan-Sri Lanka Test series. While the ODI series of Australia tour of India, which is currently going it will not be affected.

BAT SIZE: As per the new law and according to that the thickness of bat edges cannot be more than 40mm. While the depth of the bat cannot be more than 67mm. During the match, umpires will be given a gauge to analyze the bat size.

PLAYER SEND-OFF: During the match, If any player misbehaves with umpires then he will be charged level 4 office. The level 4 offense include misbehaving with the umpire, showing bad action and much more. While the offenses of level 1 to 3 can be deal with ICC Code of Conduct.

DECISION REVIEW SYSTEM (DRS): AS per the new rules, during the test matches, the team cannot take DRS review after 80 overs of an innings. While in the T20 format of cricket, players are not eligible to take the review.

RUN OUTS: During the match, If a batsman taking the run and his bat is behind the popping crease. At the same time, if he loses the contact with the ground simultaneously the ball hit to wickets then he will not be considered as not out.

CATCHES: While taking the catch, all players need to take the catch at the first contact with him within the boundary line. Otherwise, it will be considered as a boundary. Players will also have to move out from the pavilion if the ball bounces through worn by batsmen helmet or wicketkeeper and catch by players.