India vs USA FIFA U-17 World Cup Match Prediction

The FIFA Under 17 is going to kick off on 6 October 2017. India is going to host the tournament first time ever. They are set to make their debut in the tournament on Friday. On the kick off the day, the third match of the tournament is between India and USA. Indian team is set to take over the USA at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi on 6 October 2017 on Friday.

India vs USA FIFA U-17 World Cup Match Prediction

Let’s move below to check out match point of both teams. Also, check out India vs USA FIFA U-17 Match Prediction. Move below to know Who will win the match?

India vs USA FIFA U-17 Match Prediction

India team is going to make their tournament first time ever. Indian team coach, Luis Norton de Matos said, ” the main strength of the USA team is their attack, we have to prepare to counter their attack. We can compete with them only when we have a strong in defense. As the Indian coach predict that their key players are Amarjit Singh, Sanjeev Stalin, Aniket Jadhav, Anwar Ali and Komal Thatal. The skipper of the Indian team is  Amarjit Singh, he is capable to take the right decision at right time.

While on another side, USA has played in the FIFA Under 17 tournament many times. While the previou season of the FIFA Under 17, they could not perform better and could not win any match. Their best performance was in the year 1999 when they hosted the tournament. They succeeded to reach the 4th place.

Match Prediction

Indian team making their debut in the tournament. India and USA have clashed together in the AIFF Youth Cup in Goa last year. In the match, USA defeated India by 4-0. But this time Indian team is a host of the tournament and they have prepared very well. Therefore Indian team has more chances to win the match as compared to the USA.

As per the above information, I predict that Inain team has 60% and the USA has 40% to win the match.