Jacqueline Fernandez is the new brand ambassador of Delhi Dynamos

The fourth season of the Indian Super League is set to take place on November 2017 and conclude March 2018. Therefore each team is willing to take accumulate popularity around the world. Therefore they all are keen to get popular celebrity as a brand ambassador for the team.

Jacqueline Fernandez is the new brand ambassador of Delhi Dynamos

The  Indian actress Jacqueline Fernandez will be the new brand ambassador of Delhi Dynamos. The team management of the team, Delhi Dynamos announced that the Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez will be the brand ambassador for the upcoming fourth season of the Indian Super League.

The main aim to signed the actress of Judwaa 2 actress not only to get popular for the club in Delhi but also in the subcontinent. The Bollywood actress, Jacqueline Fernandez help the club to get female popularity more than any other team.The Bollywood actress,  Jacqueline Fernandez has a most popular slogan to anyone can learn and play the ‘beautiful game’. It will help to make football popular in India.

The clubs director, Rohan Sharma express his point of view to signed  Jacqueline Fernandez. HE said, ” “With Jacqueline coming on board, Delhi Dynamos will become the first Indian Football Club to have a female brand ambassador that has a wide international audience. This goes in line with the club’s vision to be not only a club of India but a club with international ambition”

The Indian Super League is one of the most popular national football competition league in India. The fourth season of the ISL is set to kick off on 17 November 2017 and conclude on 4 March 2018. The upcoming fourth season gonna be best ever. In the fourth season, there is expansion in the competitive team. Two new teams, Bengaluru and Jamshedpur will join the tournament. Due to expansion in teams, total 10 team will compete in the tournament. Therefore the fourth season will run 5 months instead of 3 months.