How to Watch European Youth Championships 2016 Live Online & Schedule

The European Youth Championship is a kind of League in which all kinds of games are played. One of them is the European Youth Table Tennis Championship. As we all know that European Youth Table Tennis Championship 2016 is back again with a new spirit. so guys today we are going to give you information about the Schedule, Live Streaming, etc of this Tournament.

European Youth Table Tennis Championship 2016

The European Youth Table tennis Championships 2016 is one of the most prestigious tournaments regarding the table tennis. It helps the players to grow in sport spirit and be motivated.

  • Date :

This Tournament is going to start from 8th of July and ends on 17th of July in the year 2016.

  • Venue :

The venue for this tournament is at Dom Sportova (Hall of Sports), Zagreb, Croatia.

  • Schedule :

The schedule for this tournament is as follows :

  • 8th of July, Friday – 12th of July, Tuesday : Team events.
  • 13th of July, Wednesday – 17th of July, Sunday : Individual events.
  • Event’s List :

There are 15 different types of events in the European Youth Table Tennis Championship 2016. They are listed below :

  1.  Junior Boys Team.
  2.  Junior Girls Team.
  3.  Cadet Boys Team.
  4.  Cadet Girls Team.
  5.  Junior Boys Singles.
  6.  Junior Girls Singles.
  7.  Junior Boys Doubles.
  8.  Junior Girls Doubles.
  9.  Junior Mixed Doubles.
  10.  Cadet Boys Singles.
  11.  Cadet Girls Singles.
  12.  Cadet Boys Doubles.
  13.  Cadet Girls Doubles.
  14.  Cadet Mixed Doubles.

How to Watch European Youth Championships 2016 Live Online

You can watch live Online of the events at various sites. The link for which are provided below. It can be viewed online as well as offline. It can be watched on the official site of..

  1. International Table Tennis Federation Website     –> Click Here To Watch Live
  2. Also on

So this was all about European Youth Table Tennis Championship 2016

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