Pro Kabaddi 2016 season 4 Match Result and Highlights, Benguluru Bulls Vs Puneri Paltan 17th match

Another breathtaking contest between two strong teams! One must say Pro Kabaddi 2016 season 4 is absolutely rocking. It’s difficult to predict the result every night of each game which made tournament more interesting. Yesterday Benguluru Bulls beat Puneri Paltan in a close contest(29-27). Let us see the match highlights and result in details.

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pp vs bb

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Bengaluru bulls opened the scoring account first of all. Then Deepak brought 3 points in a super raid for Puneri Paltan. It looked like Puneri Palten will show another clinical performance today as they opened their account with a super raid. But Bengaluru bulls stayed cool. Amit brought two points for Bengaluru which equalized the score 3-3.

The scores were moving close to each other. The defense was good from both sides. Most of the points were being scored by tackling. Till the half time the scores were 10-8 and Puneri Paltan were leading by two points. The match looked balanced although Puneri Paltan had two extra points.

In the second half time of the match again two teams were moving closely. It was 15-15 in 31st minute of the match. Then Puneri Paltan got 3 points from super raid. The score was 18-15 and Puneri Paltan achieved another two points meanwhlile and score moved further to 20-16 in which Puneri Paltan had 4 points lead. They should have controlled the game from here as only 8 minutes were left in the game but they could not.

Bengaluru bulls managed to come back and they equalized score at 20-20. Last 5 minutes were left. Again Puneri Paltan took lead of 3 points in last two minutes. The failure of Manjeet Chillar in raiding troubled Puneri Paltan a lot. It was like a set back for them.

In the last minute Puneri Paltan were leading by 1 point and at right moment the heroic raid of Rohit Kumar brought 3 points called as super raid turned the face of the match completely. The score was 28-26. Puneri Paltan brought 1 point and score was 28-27 and again Rohit Kumar brought 1 point. The game was over. Bengaluru bulls defeated Puneri Paltan by 2 points(29-27).