The importance of sports and physical education Introduction

The importance of sports and physical education
Many people are interested in sports, particularly big events like the football World
Cup, the Olympic Games, and the African Cup of Nations. In schools throughout the
developing world, however, teachers face many constraints when they teach sports.
Most schools do not have specially trained sports teachers or much equipment, for
example many might only have one football. Students and other teachers might see
sports as less important than academic subjects, and even if sport is a syllabus subject,
teachers might not have training in how to teach it.
Sport and physical education can improve people’s lives in many ways. Children in
particular will benefit from the opportunities sport can offer. Their experiences will stay
with them through their lives and may be passed on to future generations. Sport gives
people the chance to:

Sports Equipment


• get together and have fun everyone can enjoy the social aspect of taking part in sport whatever their standard or ability

• experience success and achievement sport gives people the chance to improve their personal performances, fulfil their potential, participate in and win competitions

• keep fit and healthy sport can help physical conditioning, general fitness and well-being

• learn physical and technical skills students can learn about the techniques of various sports and how to improve their current skills

• develop timing, balance and co-ordination sport helps students develop these skills, which will be useful after leaving school

• improve mental skills sport and competition encourages people to develop problem-solving and decision-making skills, concentration, determination, control of emotions and commitment

• co-operate and communicate with others training and competing with others (particularly in team events) will encourage people to express and share their feelings with others

• enhance motivation, organisation, leadership and interpersonal skills sport can act as a way to develop these skills and take on responsibilities, which can be transferred to other aspects of life in the community