WWE Schedule 2016 – All upcoming events

WWE is referred to World Wrestling Entertainment . It is a form of wrestling and their Two episodes regularly broadcast on TV channels their name ar WWE Monday Night Raw and WWE Thursday Night Smackdown but Its main event which attracts people that s PPV (Pay-Per-View) shows. We are mentioned below WWE Schedule 2016 and all upcoming events are available in this article.

These PPV’s are the ones which have made WWE the most successful Professional Wrestling Franchise in the world compare to another wrestling event. It is most popular world wrestling event . Here we have all the information regarding of WWEs all event list and which month it starts all information given below. See Below all Upcoming Event of WWE 2016. You can also read here, 6 Most popular event of WWE.

Month Event
January Royal Rumble
February Fastlane
Late March/Early April WrestleMania
May Extreme Rules
May Payback
June Money in the Bank
July Battleground
August Summer Slam
September Night of The Champion
September Hell In A Cell
November TLC

Let’s see 6 Most Popular Event of WWE. That is Royal     Rumble, Fastlane, Roadblock, WrestleMania, Money in the Bank and SumerSlam

Most Popular Events of WWE

Royal Rumble


Royal Rumble is a Most popular event in WWE and this event is working since started. In this event main fight is 30 men royal rumble and every 5 minutes later new superstar come into the ring and try to throw other superstar and which superstar stand up in the ring he is a winner of WWE royal rumble and he gets opportunity to fight in Wrestalmanisfor WHC.



Fastlane is a newly introduced event in WWE. It is considered road for Wrestlemania and winner in this event get chances to qualify in WrestleMania event and losses do not fight in WrestleMania.



Roadblock is a road for WrestleMania but It Prevent some superstars way to WrestleMania because looser lose his opportunity for fighting match in WrestleMania.



WrestleMania is a most popular event in WWE history. It is dreams of every superstar to fight in Wrestralmaina. It is a historical moment of WWE fans which WWE fans did not see The Undertaker but this event they get chances to see The Undertaker because in every Wrestlemania he comes to fight which superstars challenged him.

Money in the Bank

Money in the Bank

Money in the bank, it is a most successful event in WWE. In this event Money in the Bank hang out in the ring and 6 or 8 superstar fight each other to win the Money in the Bank and winners get chances to challenges any superstar for his title any time.


wwe sumer alam
If WWE fans want to see big superstar of WWE then they should watch SumerSlam because many big superstars who are suffering to injury mostly they make their return WWE. In SumerSlam every big superstar of WWE, they fight in this event.

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